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About Joshua Pellicer – Author of The Tao Of Badass

The guys who learn from me are a different breed of man. They aren’t suckers and they can smell bull sh*t from a mile away. So, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “Who is Joshua Pellicer and why can he help me be a badass with women?”

Well, I’m a completely normal guy. I didn’t want to believe that I was worthless or that I’d never be good with women. I just wasn’t interested in feeling like a victim for the rest of my life or a guy who got walked all over and overlooked.

I started looking for answers for a lot of the same reasons I think you are…
* I wanted to make sure I could attract my future wife when I met her.
* I didn’t want to feel helpless when I got into a social situation.
* I wanted to date lots of different types of women and get that “out of my system” before it was too late.

So I started looking for the answers online and I found something out: “There is a LOT of information about how to meet women online!” I figured, “It was all the same, right?” and I just started trying it out. I ended up wasting YEARS of my life on things that just didn’t work for me. I wanted a real solution that would “fix me” to the core. Not just make me pretend to be someone else forever.

So I started creating my own system. I took all of the parts from the years of study that actually worked and I linked them all together into a new system that actually MADE SENSE. It was brilliant. I started offering coaching classes and I booked up for 3 months in the first day the program was open… That’s when I knew I was on to something.

I became a full-time coach and continued my studies. I got pretty popular for a while there: The Today Show, The NY Press, The NY Times, The NY Daily News, etc, etc… I was even made fun of on Saturday Night Live! Hell, Maxim Radio offered me a show all about meeting women, which I accepted and hosted for several years!

After teaching thousands of men, I realized that there were specific “patterns” in the successes… and the failures… of men with women. And just because I was teaching, it didn’t mean my studying ended.

But while I was working with my company before, I was under a contract that wouldn’t allow me to teach you the real dating coaches’ secrets… the things that only we know about. If I did, they were afraid that no one would ever come to the classes again (which were $3500 a piece).

But now that I’ve left, I can tell you everything. And that’s exactly what I do in The Tao of Badass.
So… what are you waiting for?

Christian Hudson
Owner of
The Social Man
There are a lot of coaches out there who can tell you what works for them… and the good ones can teach you how to replicate it… but the brilliance of Josh’s teaching is that he’ll figure out what works for you. I’ve never had a serious talk with Josh and not walked away challenged and inspired, and anyone who works with him can expect WAY more confidence, self-awareness, and of course, much better results. 

Alex Allman
Author of
Sexual Mastery

One of the most socially savvy and engaging men I know, Joshua Pellicer could make friends with a hungry female T-rex suffering from PMS. I’ve never seen anyone with a capacity to make friends faster in any social situation. But what makes Joshua such a great coach is his innate ability to read subtle social cues in the interactions between men and women and then to bring his deep sense of caring into the equation. Quite simply, Joshua loves to teach because he genuinely wants his students to succeed. Paired with his deep knowledge of the subject matter, it is a potent combination.

Paul Janka Author ofBeyond The Digits

Josh is a teacher in the truest sense of the word – a man who immediately puts his students at ease because he relates to their position and can see the world through their eyes. When it comes to interpersonal skills, Josh succeeds because he can connect deeply with others; they put down their guard and give him permission to enter. This skill (rapport) is perhaps the most important tool in a man’s toolbox, because this alone permits a man to enter a woman’s most personal, most private and most intimate space, where she is truly vulnerable. An incredibly powerful tool, and Josh is a master in its use.

With a deep understanding of human nature, the intricacies of psychology, and great capacity to explain that in ways that help us improve our relationships and our lives, Joshua is in my opinion one of the masters in this field. I feel privileged to have him as one of my mentors.
Milton Miller

Valuable information (saved me a lot of time) You Rock Man!
 Kelvin – UK

Dude! … So impressed with your knowledge. . .i followed you when you were with AoC.. still following..thanks for the info!!
Anthony R. – CA 

Your knowledge has informed me so much about who I am as a person; even more so i’ve realized that i deal with others (of different values) in all the wrong ways. Thanks so much and I am using this info to stage a coup of my inner-self.
Franklin – SC

Joshua you REALY opend my eyes.
Tom P. – CA

It’s genius, and very well organized. I’ve never heard the concept of value broken down so meticulously before. I can totally take this to the field with me. Outstanding.  
Michael – CA

HI Josh, I think your information is right on. I appreciate all that you are doing, very valuable info. 
Paul – TX

Thank you for this information and I can’t wait to see more. 
Dennis – IL

I always felt that relationships were more complex than we are usually taught, but I am already beginning to see, with your help, where so many things we do mess up our possibilities all along the way. Thank you for your efforts to help us see deeper into the real causes of problems in our relationships.
Patricia – FL

Nice Job Joshua. I like your hands on every day applicability approach.
Acoustic – NY

Hey Joshua, this information is incredible. I can now recognise that i’m such a 8 ha! It’s funny how I kinda cringed when you were describing some of the behaviour traits for 6/7/8 and i’m like – oh know…thats what i’ve been doing! This is really eye opening, there’s tons of things I can now do to my life to aim to be 10. Thanks alot mate!Joe M. – UK